Gwen John poems

The Blue Flower:
Poems from the life and art of Gwen John


This sequence includes poems in the voice of Gwen John, as well as those imagining the feelings of her models, or describing the paintings themselves. The whole sequence is included in The Lantern Bearers.

The poems were used as part of The Gwen John Project at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Preston in 2007.

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Design: Kate Webster

…the most astonishing thing happened to me; I heard a series of poems that truly touched my heart. They spoke of painting, of being a painter, and of painting women… The poems seemed exactly to summon Gwen John’s paintings, her places and her process of looking and making. I was stunned because it felt as if Elizabeth Burns must be a painter of women to so fully understand what artists wish these objects to achieve in the world.

Lubaina Himid,
Professor of Fine Art, University of Central Lancashire